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Translation Memory and Terminology Development
PSG Translations creates and maintains client-specific databases of translations and terminology using the very latest computer assisted translation (CAT) technology. Using these CAT tools, linguists create and add to
translation memories (TMs) and glossaries in real-time, while they work. These CAT programs work on all types of files including DOC, XLS, HTML, XML, SGML as well as common DTP formats. Translated documents are finished more quickly and are consistent in common definitions, phrasing and terminology from project to project; the memory can even be shared between translators. We also save you money. Requests for new translations are analyzed using the existing TM database. Repeated phrases as well as those already found in the memory are identified and charged at a percentage of the full price for new phrases. The more translations you send us, the more your terminology database and translation memories grow, and the more you save.

This is how we help you build your terminology database and translation memory:The terms that represent your business are selected by specialized terminologists. The selected terms are translated by translators with subject matter expertise in your field of business. The proposed translations are reviewed and approved by our in-country representatives.The approved terms are stored in the terminology management applications and are then used for all your future translation projects which are saved in your product-specific translation memory.

Updated Translation Technology
We apply Automated Terminology Management systems to every project (TRADOS, SDLX, DEJAVU, TERMSTAR). This advanced technology allows us to utilize glossaries and create translation memories making product updates easier and more cost-effective.

Here's how our update technology benefits you:
- Maximum linguistic consistency
- Fast and effective terminology management
- Increased productivity and low costs
- Simplified updating and maintenance of projects
- Support for TMX (open memory format based on XML)
- Accurate handling of scripting (ASP, JavaScript, Perl, VB Script, etc.)

Putting Customer service first...We are committed to providing you and all of our customers with the highest standards of service in the industry.

PSG Translations is proud to be a leader in providing you with the latest in software technology. We are now equipped with the NEW UPGRADED Adobe CS5.5 which combines full new versions of Adobe Photoshop CS5.5 ®, Illustrator ® CS5.5, InDesign ® CS5.5, GoLive ® CS5.5, and Acrobat X (10.1.0) ®  Professional software IN BOTH PC AND MAC PLATFORMS to handle your DTP projects even better than before.