Solution Development
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Solution Development

Your organization is unique and so are your problems! 

We are commited to providing customer-driven solutions at no additional cost: we help you develop the best solutions tailored to your project specifications. Since projects differ one from another, we don't always apply the same solution to solve your problems. Instead, we develop tailored solutions which are also often completely new and innovative solutions - so your project gets done right the first time!  We collaborate with you, as your partner, to provide you with the "perfect fit" for your linguistic needs. 

The following scheme outlines the basic stages involved in our translation/DTP production process.Where possible, we adapt our processes to the way you work, saving you time and improving your ability to respond to your customer demands.

1. Project Manager allocated to personally oversee your translation project.
2. Team of translators appointed pertaining to specific subject area.
3. Project Manager liaisons between customers' needs and translators inquires.
4. Glossary is compiled, in both the source and target languages, of the words and terms that are specific to your application and business area.
5. DTPers pre-processing entails material preparation for translators (see below for DTP process).
6. QA Review Process accounts for: Accuracy, Consistency, Country Standards, Language, Style and Terminology.
7. Post-editing:Translators/DTPers check and correct problem areas, if any.
8. Final delivery to client.

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